Welcome to Presort Accuracy, Validation, and Evaluation (PAVE)

The PAVE program is a process, designed in cooperation with the mailing industry, to evaluate presort software and determine its accuracy in sorting and hardware developers, i.e., companies that develop presort software or manufacture presorting equipment for resale or internal use. PAVE provides a common platform to measure the quality of presort products, including an evaluation of standardized documentation, container labels and postage statement facsimiles that support presorted mailings, and, by doing so, improves the accuracy of presorted mailings.


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Important Information Application Access

The PAVE Order website is designed to provide customers the ability to submit Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation (PAVE) orders for PAVE certification. To begin using this process, new customers must complete and submit the Electronic Product Fulfillment Web Access Request Form . Existing PAVE customers that have EPF access may log in to use the online PAVE Order Form from this screen.

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